5 of the most unusual wristwatches in the world

It is believed that watches show the wealth of a person and his position in society. However, there are interesting and unusual models for people who are willing to stand out and show themselves as an extravagant personality. 5 of the most unusual models of watches in the world amaze even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

Van Cleef & Arpels

These seemingly children's watches are in fact a long, painstaking work and talent of craftsmen. Each product is unique, it is created according to the imagination of the masters. Their cost is about 10 thousand euros.

Ora Unica by Nava Design

Watches with an unusual idea. At first glance, it is not even clear how they perform their function. However, if you look closely, everything becomes clear. Time shows the ends of the tangled strips. This is the main idea of ​​the designer. The cost of hours is about 150 euros.

Eye of the Storm

Clock without a dial. It seems that this is just a broken watch, but they have their own secret. On the case there is a button, when pressed, two features appear on the borders of the “dial”, which is the exact time. Approximate cost - 50 euros.

Roger dubuis

Designers have released a whole line of watches in this style. The series is called "Knights of the Round Table". All figures and every small detail are cut perfectly, you can only examine them by zooming with a magnifying glass. Cost - 18 thousand euros.


Watch for the blind. There are 2 magnetic balls on the dial: on the side - shows the clock and in the center - minutes. The convex designations on the dial allow you to find out the exact time by touching the fingers. The cost is 200 euros.

As you can see, even such an ordinary thing as a watch can be made unusual and memorable.