Rihanna starred against the backdrop of shabby interiors for the Russian magazine. What for?

The theme of the issue of Garage magazine was the image of a man and the future - a popular singer and model perfectly fit into this concept.

Singer Rihanna readily takes part in all sorts of photo shoots. According to the girl’s representatives, she is most interested in thematic and unusual shots. It was on these scenes that Rihanna appeared in the new issue of the Russian magazine Garage.

In the pictures, the girl poses in unusual frilly dresses, participates in beauty experiments and decorates the laconic interiors - for example, in one of the photos Rihanna sits in a chair in the middle of an empty room, where there are only curtains, a radiator and wallpaper. The stylists drew the idea for the singer's outfits in the images of vintage divas of the past.

The cover of the magazine was also decorated with a snapshot of the singer.