Correction of large cheekbones in women using hair

Nature has created all women beautiful in their individuality, but each wants to look even more beautiful. Hairstyle is a unique element of the female image and style, which allows you to emphasize your image. She can both open her face and show it in all its glory, and reveal all the flaws, ruining the overall look. For example, to choose a hairstyle for a woman with large cheekbones is not always possible from the first, and even from the tenth time. How not to lose?

What types of faces are peculiar wide, big, high cheekbones

Knowledge of its features is a pledge of excellent appearance. Pronounced cheekbones may be inherent in different types of face, so it is worth determining their type for a more competent selection of haircuts or hairstyles.


Owners of high cheekbones have an oval, diamond-shaped or triangular face shape. Such cheekbones are still considered fashionable, and it is believed that this feature is inherent in the truly royal. The cheekbones are very well outlined and gently bend to the chin, often forming pits in the cheeks.


Large, pronounced

Holders of a round, square, triangular shape have large cheekbones. This is a very visible part of the face. Also such cheekbones are called low.



If some types of face cheekbones repeat the bend of the chin (round, square or rectangular), then the cheekbone part is considered wide. Wide cheekbones are a proprietary feature of fashion models, but in everyday life they create a problem for their owners - they increase the already wide face.


Examples of the correction of the cheekbones in women using hair: photo

Since large cheekbones cause some inconvenience in selecting the type of hairstyle for the office, publication or solemn events, you should familiarize yourself with the good options in order to choose the one that suits you as much as possible according to the type and length of hair.

For long-haired

Girls with prominent cheekbones and long hair should avoid hairstyles that maximize the face, they spoil the look. An example would be a high tail or a bun, slicked hair - this will add massiveness to the face, rather than cover up the flaws.

Ideal for long hair would be curls: voluminous, flowing, or light perm. You can put them using a curling iron, ironing or curlers. The waves will give the face of femininity and smooth out the wide cheekbones.

For owners of high cheekbones suitable light Hollywood perm. If you like to wear bangs, then try to give it a natural look - do not make the cut even, it is best to choose a slanting or figured, torn, or even deliberately asymmetrical at all.


Semi-long hair, which covers the neckline, will also smooth out sharp facial features, avoid direct parting.


At this length fit modern, fashionable and suitable for all hairstyle - elongated bob, oblique bob, graduation, long and falling curls.


The main assistant in the correction of the cheekbones is the asymmetry and fuzzy, original lines.


For medium length

The average length of the hairstyle is the most profitable option - it is always easy to maintain this length in a tidy condition and the length is often not affected by frequent haircuts and adjustments.

Owners of the cheekbones, a large part of which is located on the line of the middle of the earlobes, can easily hide such a drawback with the help of a bang - it looks neat or long. But the shortened do not worth it - it opens the face and makes it square in shape.


Looks great ragged version bangs.


The owner of the outstanding cheekbones should not make straight lines in the hairstyle or clear contours. In this case, all attention will be directed to the cheekbones and other defects of the protruding parts of the face.


As for the length of the shoulders, do not shorten the strands to the chin, if you want to smooth facial features and do not focus on the cheekbones. Complete your look with a perm, curly bangs, this visually lengthens the chin, focuses attention on the eyes and hides bulging cheekbones.


If your cheekbones are high or wide, do not cut your bangs straight or thick with an average length of hair.

On short

Perfectly smoothes a long bean over a wide part of the face, an asymmetrical version and a fashionable all-time ladder are also suitable.


But the elongated bean is suitable for all types of faces, especially if there are wide cheekbones. Side parting and lengthening in front smooth outstanding features, hairstyle always looks neat.


Noticeable cheekbones are not such a terrible drawback - it is enough to choose a haircut in its face shape, and the image will shine in a completely new way. Have you had any bad haircut experiences? How did you finally solve the problem?