Rihanna's new beach shots drove her ex

Recent photos of the singer in a bikini made Chris Brown regret that he missed such a girl.

Despite the fact that Rihanna and Chris broke up in the distant 2009, he still misses his former lover.

"Chris thinks she always looked amazing, but when he saw her recent photos in a bathing suit, he was amazed," said an HollywoodLife magazine insider. : this is what a real woman should look like. "

Rihanna herself in a recent interview with Vogue magazine called her forms lush, but she also noted that she was going to return to the gym. Apparently, she has already begun to engage themselves. But despite the fact that the singer is happy with her figure or not, the enthusiasm of her former young man never fades away.

"She always attracted Chris, and the more time passes, the more he misses her. Seeing her so beautiful is a real challenge for him. He is ready to give everything to spend at least one more night with her," said a source.

Recall that celebrities have a very difficult and hectic joint past. Their romance ended with the arrest of the artist for beating a girl.