Granddaughter Elizabeth II miscarried

The royal family is experiencing a sad event.

Zara Thindoll, the eldest granddaughter of the current Queen of Britain Elizabeth II, shared her personal life with reporters for the first time. Princess Anna’s daughter has discovered a secret: in the past few months, two of her pregnancies have already been interrupted.

At the end of 2016, the media wrote about the first failed pregnancy Tyndoll. Then the royal family confirmed this information. After some time, Zara had another miscarriage, about which she chose not to tell the public. "I was emotionally depressed and did not find the strength to make this sad news public," the granddaughter of the queen admits.

Tyndall noted that in the past two years, the support of close people has helped her cope with difficulties. “Mia has always helped me,” Zara warmly speaks of her only daughter.