Peach manicure: 50 hot instagram ideas (photo)

Manicure trend in 2018-2019 years - peach shades. Peach manicure is universal, suitable for any style and color of clothes, makes nails well-groomed and fresh. The advantage is that it fits any shape and length of the nail: short, long, almond-shaped, square, pointed and other options will look the same beautiful.

50 photos of ideas peach manicure

The easiest option is to make a monochrome peach manicure. It will always look appropriate and neat. The peach-colored matte coating looks like an imitation of the peel of the fruit of the same name.


You can diversify the monochromatic landscape with moon manicure or french using gel polish.


Dilute monophonic manicure with the help of various decor and effects: rhinestones, glitter, foil and stickers, rubbing, drawings. During the summer vacation on the nails actually look like palm trees and shells. Also popular are floral and floral ornaments made with thin curved lines. Acrylic powder can also be used to add volume to patterns.


Beautiful and stylish nails look and geometric patterns, which the second season in a row do not lose their relevance. A multicolored geometric ornament with metalized adhesive tape is considered particularly fashionable. It looks great on the basis of a gentle tone, and more saturated.

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Rhinestones, brooches, bouillas, kamifubuki will sparkle in the sun, draw attention to the manicure and make it unique. But it is desirable to apply such decor only on 1-2 fingers in order not to destroy the charm of tenderness of peach color.


It looks interesting manicure with several colors. The most popular effect is obmre, or gradient. The transition of peach color to white looks beautiful - such a manicure will give freshness to the image. Or you can simulate the colors of the sunset by making a gradient on your nails using peach and red-pink shades.

Fashionable now and a combination of different colors in a manicure without a gradient. The most advantageous with peach will look either close to the palette color (white, yellow, pink, orange), or quite opposite (blue, mint, blue, black, gray). Gold and silver will also be a good addition.


Peach-colored manicure is always beautiful and relevant, because it gives a noble and presentable look to the whole image. This is a universal option that will suit any occasion: a wedding, vacation or party, or everyday life in the office, and the design in the form of a picture or a rhinestone will give the idea of ​​originality.