The most aggressive signs of the zodiac among women: the top 3

Representatives of the zodiacal circle react differently to stimuli. Some quickly forget the insults, while others with a stony face carry a plan of revenge. The most aggressive signs of the zodiac among women are not only scandalous, but also cunning.


By her nature, Aries woman is a restless teenager who does not think about the feelings of others. The representative of the fire element can easily throw a prickly phrase in the face and even wipe at the offender. It rarely comes to the assault, because she has time to cool down before she wants to throw herself into a fight.

The behavior of the representatives of this sign is influenced by warlike Mars. Aries can take anything out of itself - you can never guess with it, it will flare up or stay calm.

They are most annoyed by:

  • those who question their successes and abilities;
  • people who do not take into account their desires and demands;
  • competitors in any of the areas, whether it is work, personal life or hobbies.

Also, this lady is driven by someone's slowness, since she herself is used to acting impulsively, often without considering the possible consequences. Aries woman usually does not try to touch a living specially. She quickly cools, forgetting about anger, and her surroundings have to come to their senses for a long time after scandal and whipping dishes.


Mars influences this sign of the zodiac, but the aggression of a different kind of Scorpio: it is rarely open. More often, they hide and cultivate offenses, in order to throw out revenge at the right moment.

Scorpios are truly insidious. They do not forgive anyone and can wait a long time in the wings. These are the worst enemies who will not calm down until they trample a competitor or an adversary.

Hurt the representative of the sign can:

  • those who do not recognize her leader;
  • people degrading her, showing neglect and disrespect;
  • traitors and wrong partners.

Scorpio women do not know half measures, if they hate, then with all their hearts. Therefore, do not be angry with the representative of this sign, and all the more to forget that they once threw a disrespectful remark into her address, because retribution will overtake anyone, today or after a year.


The outwardly calm Aquarius woman can instantly lose her temper if someone tries to limit her will. She is independent enough and does not need advice and comments on her actions and thoughts.

The nature of these women is ruled by explosive Uranus, but Aquarius is not as dangerous as Scorpios or Aries. They can take revenge if they have a chance, or they can forget about the quarrel. But the attempts on personal freedom is never forgiven.

They can not stand:

  • bore and conservatives that put limits and limitations;
  • jealous, suspicious to white heat;
  • those who think that Aquarius owes something to someone.

It’s not unusual for them to arrange dismantling on raised voices, but they are ready to defend their interests to the end, even if their career or relationship is at stake.

When can other women’s zodiac signs be aggressive

Other representatives of the zodiacal circle are more restrained:

  • Virgo and Libra avoid any direct conflicts.
  • Cancer keeps the feelings in itself, and when you try to press it, it closes and does not make contact.
  • A Taurus woman is usually balanced, but if you test her patience, the offender will get a real tornado and a volcano.
  • The Capricorn woman, although aggressive, keeps to the limits of decency. She achieves her not by squabbling, but by stubbornness.
  • Fish act on the mood: they can flare up or give up.
  • The lion will make some noise, but in time he will remember that it’s not a royal business to enter in a scream.
  • Twins and Sagittarius do not scandal, they pour out sarcasm, and sometimes so subtly that it is not clear whether they are serious or not.

All signs may show aggression, but someone to a greater extent, and someone to a lesser extent. To avoid quarrels, it is important to know what exactly hurts the other person.