The horoscope for May 24: what can Virgo be lucky with and why should Raku give up shopping?


General astrological forecast says: this Friday will be under the influence of the waning moon in Aquarius, this is the twentieth lunar day. We are waiting for a controversial day when relationships with others can escalate. At the same time, it is expected time of productive activities and non-trivial ideas.

Information about the main trends of the day and concise astrologers' recommendations in the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 24, 2019.


Some Aries May 24 may have new family members, for example, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, children or grandchildren

Aries, a horoscope on Friday, May 24, recommends slowing down in the professional sphere. In addition, here everything is going well: the energy potential is stable, you are easy to communicate and are ready to make mutually beneficial compromises. On this day, it is preferable to focus on the inner world, to understand your thoughts, desires and feelings. Stars promise you a pleasant, full of positive emotions day.

There are no serious problems with health. Nevertheless, astrologers advise Aries to cleanse the body of toxins and detox - detox food will have a beneficial effect on your health.

Signed events can happen in private life, especially for family women and men. Today one should not refuse material and moral support to relatives and loved ones.


Taurus, a horoscope for May 24, 2019 predicts: today, an unfavorable combination of planets can push you to aggressive behavior and rash actions, therefore it is desirable to limit communication with people around you. In the professional field, it is worth paying close attention to securities - the probability of admitting a serious miscalculation is great. And there is also the risk of loss, material loss.

On the personal front, disagreements are likely that could lead to loud scandals. Astrologers advise Taurus to abandon the discussion of pressing issues and controversial issues this Friday. Pleasant surprises and touching gifts will help to smooth the sharp corners in relationships with loved ones and relatives.

Lonely women and men of the second sign of the star indicate the possibility of a romantic acquaintance with the prospect of continuation. The main thing - do not give up the initiative in search of the halves.


The horoscope for Gemini on May 24, predicts: today everything may not add up to the intended scenario, but this is even for the better! If you allow yourself to go with the flow, Friday will pass at a measured pace and present a couple of joyful events. In addition, the location of the planets indicates a good state of health and an even emotional state.

The only caveat - now routine activities, solving everyday issues and heavy physical labor are contraindicated for Gemini. But trips to the countryside or walks in the park will allow you to charge positive for a week ahead and have a positive effect on the immune system.

The day has to complete the old tasks and communicate with the most beloved and loved ones. The key to success on these days will be a manifest calm whatever happens.


This Friday, the Cancers will be on a creative wave.

According to the horoscope on Friday, May 24, the morning hours should be devoted to small business matters. But the second half of the day will allow Raku to demonstrate all the hidden potential. Today, you can count on significant success in the professional field and creative initiatives.

The motto of this day is not to doubt and act. True, astrologers urge Cancer not to overdo it with stubbornness. Leisure time is preferable to devote cultural leisure, entertainment or outdoor activities in the fresh air.

But for shopping day is not the most suitable. A planetary combination can push you to frank tranzherstvu. Try to stay away from large malls and boutiques.

a lion

Lions, on this day, many representatives of the fifth sign of the zodiac will feel an increase in positive trends in literally all spheres of life. The horoscope for May 24, 2019 encourages you to believe in your own strength, then Fortune will contribute to all initiatives and undertakings. This Friday, you can safely trust the prompts of the inner voice - now intuition will prompt the right decisions. True, the advice of relatives today may also be useful.

The day symbolizes renewal and lightness. This is the right moment to break the burdensome ties and relationships that have lost any meaning. Great time for new acquaintances, including a romantic one.

Health problems are not predicted. On the contrary, the location of the planets promises to Leo a surge of vitality and good mood. It is not excluded that today really unusual ideas will visit you.


Virgin, it seems, this Friday financial fortune will be on your side. The horoscope for May 24 reports a high probability of cash receipts. Winnings and unexpected bonuses are possible, and old debts can be returned to you.

Nevertheless, astrologers do not recommend to throw away money, because the celestial bodies indicate unforeseen expenses in the short term. And now it is better to postpone any financial manipulation and payment of bills.

The prognosis of health does not exclude headaches, migraines, and general weakness. Virgos should not self-medicate. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, it is better to immediately go to a medical facility.


Today, Libra will be in favor of capricious, but generous Fortune

The horoscope for Libra predicts: this Friday many representatives of the seventh sign will plunge into working with their heads, and this is the right decision. Today's aspirations and undertakings have a high potential for success, dare! Self-organization and focus on the result will be the key to achieving the goals set, therefore, it’s definitely not worth exchanging small things right now.

Odd Lucky girls will be gifted. You can count on the strengthening of relations even with those persons who quite recently competed with you. Moreover, the day has to acquaintances of a romantic nature, first dates and joint leisure with loved ones.

But astrologers recommend men to focus on appearance. It seems that you should work on your image: to have a new haircut, to renew your wardrobe or to add some zest to your usual look. This is what will allow you to become more successful and will increase the status of Libra in the eyes of others.


Scorpio expects not the best day, in any case, the horoscope says on May 24, 2019. Today you should not count on professional ups and dizzying successes in current affairs. Therefore, astrologers advise the eighth sign of the zodiac to slow down a little and take a wait-and-see attitude. No, you shouldn’t shirk your direct duties, but you don’t need to do your best either.

In the personal life of unfree women and men some unpleasant situations can occur. It seems that this Friday the Scorpions will be disappointed in someone from the inner circle. Try not to hack, because there are no perfect people, and you yourself are no exception.

With regard to health, the location of the planets indicates a burst of energy and excellent well-being. However, Scorpios should not abuse the strong drinks - today a sense of proportion can let you down.


Sagittarius, this Friday many of you will have to do something new: you shouldn’t worry about it, the main thing is to demonstrate professionalism, organization and efficiency. You can count on success in your career, business or creative field. But the stars call the ninth sign of the zodiac to not get involved in all sorts of adventures and machinations.

According to the horoscope, on May 24 the location of the planets will create the ideal atmosphere for finding halves, first dates, love confessions, romantic leisure in established alliances. Some Sagittarius will decide to marry or start planning a pregnancy.

There is a possibility of a long-awaited meeting with old friends or old acquaintances. It is possible that they will provide you with all possible assistance or give useful advice.


Capricorns, hobbies and hobbies will help you overcome the negative trends of these days

The horoscope recommends Capricorn to the extent possible not to intersect with the leadership or business partners this Friday - you risk falling under the hot hand. In addition, the location of celestial bodies says: throughout the day, your emotional state will fluctuate; tides of energy and motivation will be replaced by inaction and apathy, and vice versa. On this day, mental and physical overload is contraindicated to you.

But the day is favorable for redecoration and home nest arrangement. Even a small rearrangement in the apartment will charge Capricorn with positive emotions and give a sense of moral satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the stars do not exclude the possibility of unexpected expenses. In addition, today you can pass for incredible spenders. So, boutiques and shopping centers should be avoided.


Aquarius, astrological forecast for May 24, 2019 predicts: a decrease in the energy potential is expected, headaches and general malaise are likely. Astrologers recommend to postpone all responsible meetings and affairs for another day. Some representatives of the eleventh mark may face financial difficulties: it is not worth taking loans, but friends or relatives will definitely help you.

The source of positive emotions will be communication with a loved one, children, family. This Friday you will be needed first and foremost at home, but tasks of a professional nature and creative projects will not escape anywhere.

Trips out of town, walks, jogging - such events will help you cope with psychological discomfort. But from the coffee and alcohol today Aquarius is preferable to give up.


Pisces, these days symbolize duality. On the one hand, the impact of positive trends will be noticeable. Many representatives of the twelfth sign will be able to understand the confusing set of circumstances by analyzing the events of the past. On the other hand, the energy potential of Pisces will be weakened, so you can succumb to the provocations of detractors.

The key to today's success will be peace of mind. Take care of yourself, focus on personal desires, attitudes and goals. Only in this case you will be able to prevent unpleasant situations and clashes with others.

Free time is better to spend in a quiet, secluded setting. Let you be surrounded by extremely close and reliable people. And family women and men should refrain from zealous impulses - they will be unfounded.