Anfisa Chekhova was operated on: “I was afraid that I would go blind!”

The star was forced to seek medical attention for vision correction.

A couple of days ago, Anfisa Chekhova admitted to the followers that she plans to see doctors for laser vision correction. Until that day, subscribers believed that the star wears glasses only for beauty, but Chekhov, in fact, does not see well. The girl explained to fans that she was tired of wearing glasses, and she considered the lenses extremely uncomfortable. At the same time, the idea of ​​the operation came to her for a long time, but the star was very afraid that something would go wrong and she would be completely blind.

This time, Anfisa decided to bring her intention to the end - today she reported on the successfully postponed correction. While the celebrity wears glasses, so as not to touch the eyes accidentally, but soon she must get rid of them.