Why a man does not call on a date: the reasons depending on his zodiac sign

The beautiful half of humanity tends to look for hundreds of excuses for why a man does not call on a date. In fact, much depends on the sign of the zodiac, which predetermines the course of conduct of the elect in amorous affairs.


Temperamental Aries men fall in love instantly, flashing like a match. By nature, they are conquerors, and therefore they act with all their assertiveness and fight for their prey to the bitter end. At the same time, romantics should not be expected from them: Aries usually direct their forces to surround her darling with attention from all sides, preventing them from retreating. Therefore, if the Aries man does not call for a date, the conclusion is the same - he does not like the lady. Another reason for such behavior may be the refusal of the first invitation, which was more coquetry than the true unwillingness of a woman to meet. It is important to know that Aries do not accept the word "no" and having heard it once, they will no longer come up with a repeated offer and attempts to get close.


Representatives of this sign are distinguished by seriousness and pragmatism. They consider any relationship from the point of view of creating a family in the future, and therefore they are very responsible in choosing their life partner. Male Taurus repels untidy appearance, vulgarity and rudeness. He is also unlikely to invite a carefree "artificial" beauty to a date, even if she is recognized as beauty queen and hundreds of men turn out to follow her. Before taking the first step, Taurus will take a long time to look closely at his darling, to watch her under a variety of circumstances, in order to understand whether it is worth moving to a rapprochement.


Gemini is so easy to communicate that a date proposal can slip on the second phrase of the dialogue

Male Twins - natures addicted and changeable. They love fresh impressions, new acquaintances and very quickly switch from one class to another. They like erudite ladies with whom you can discuss a variety of issues, get practical advice or useful advice. At the same time, they do not criticize, reproach or argue. Twins do not tolerate restrictions, and feeling that they are trying to drive in the frame, immediately disappear. TSuch a man is in no hurry to invite a woman for a date because of the fear of being "bound with chains" and losing his freedom. But perhaps the reason for this is more banal: he switched to something new, forgetting about his previous sympathy.


Before you take the first step, a man in love with Cancer will wait for the right moment for a long time. Self-doubt and the fear of being wrong will make him sit in a shelter, watching his lover until she needs help. Only in this case, Cancer will show all his masculine qualities, and having received praise, he will grow bold and decide to invite him for a date. It is very important for him that in future relations there is no place for deceit, treachery and intrigue. And feeling the admiration and support of the chosen one, Cancer will be able to move mountains and finally get rid of their uncertainty.

a lion

Male Lions are extremely scrupulous about the choice of their life partner, and therefore they are not in a hurry to invite the first person to a date. For them, an attractive catchy appearance, erudition and humility are very important. Lions do not accept criticism, objection and superiority on the part of the ladies. They are incredibly gallant in the courtship, but before taking a decisive step, they will enlist the support of the closest associates of their chosen one, and only then will they start talking in private. And yet - Leo does not like women's initiative, preferring to feel like a conqueror.


Until that moment, as a man-virgin is ripe for a date, it will take a lot of time. First, he will choose a worthy candidate who will meet all his requirements regarding female beauty. Then he will study it for several months in a row, analyze and draw conclusions. And only after the Virgin is convinced of the correctness of her choice, will X-hour come. It is worth noting that the date will be perfect, since the Virgin does not recognize half measures. But the requirements for the satellite will be somewhat overstated.


Man-Virgo will never choose a masculine lady as his girlfriend, don't even try!

Man-Libra different variability. Now and then he ponders something, weighs and calculates. His mood can change dramatically: then he has unequivocal signs of attention, then suddenly cold and detached. It is for this reason that Libra can not call for a long time, although pleasant communication and hints of joint pastime have occurred. And perhaps the whole thing is banal fatigue, because among the Scales, most often there are real workaholics who donate 110% of the case, and then regain their strength simply by looking out the window, listening to music or reading a book.


Scorpion men are simple: if they like a woman, they act quickly and decisively, plunging into a new relationship. Everything develops so rapidly that the chosen one often does not understand what is happening to her, even going down the aisle. Scorpios are extremely energetic and strive in every way to achieve the desired result. And they can not call for a date for one reason only: the woman does not like them and they do not consider her as an object of love.


Sagittarius men fall in love easily and often. In this case, from the very beginning of dating they keep a distance and behave detachedly, being afraid of losing precious freedom. They prefer short-term connections to long-term novels, perceiving women as friends rather than potential companions of life. That is why Sagittarius is in no hurry to make a date. At heart, he is waiting for a meeting with a cheerful, temperamental, inaccessible, mysterious and unpredictable woman who will share his attitudes and preferences, giving complete freedom of action.


Waiting for invitations from Capricorn can be infinitely long

Men born under the sign of Capricorn, differ caution and forethought. They should not expect spontaneous decisions and sudden invitations for a date. Even if there is sympathy, Capricorn will at first keep aloof and even cold, slowly showing its feelings everywhere. Only after time, carefully weighing all the pros and cons, he will mature for the first step. Spontaneous meetings and relations like “into the pool with the head” are unacceptable for Capricorns: everything must be thought out and agreed in advance.


Aquarians are sociable and benevolent men, capable from the first minutes to endear their companion. They are easily acquainted with women, but they are often not ready for a serious relationship. A man born under this sign may bear the thought of dating for a very long time, not daring to take the first step, or may simply not consider the continuation of dating. In any case, he will adequately perceive the women's initiative, which will be a great chance to learn more about each other and, possibly, move to a new level of relations.


Among the Pisces there are a lot of indecisive men who will secretly devote poems and songs to her, write her portraits and save packs of unmounted letters. For more action, the fish need time. And even deciding on the first step, the men of this sign will doubt for a long time, seven times a day changing plans and arguing with their inner voice. And after the meeting, they may disappear for a while simply because they need to be alone in order to replenish their strength and feed themselves on energy.

Understanding the characteristics of a man's character, depending on the sign of the zodiac, will eliminate uncertainty in the relationship and bring the long-awaited date closer. After all, what is acceptable for one may categorically dislike the other, and all efforts will go to waste.