Britney Spears ran out barefoot

The scandal around the treatment of the singer is gaining momentum.

Fans are seriously concerned about the state of Britney Spears. We will remind, earlier she was in a psychiatric clinic, where she turned to recover. After 30 days of rehabilitation, she returned home, but it seems that the problems have not disappeared anywhere. Now the court is considering her request to weaken the custody of her father so that she will have more freedom of action. The singer's mother testified in favor of this opinion, noting that her ex-husband chose the wrong methods of treatment for their common daughter, and Spears actually “pumped up” unnecessary drugs.

The court did not take the side of the singer, stressing that she still needed help. Apparently, the incident so upset the star, that she ran out of the building barefoot. Now Britney will have to undergo a repeated psychiatric examination, after which the court will return to the consideration of her request in September.