Decl’s father says his daughter-in-law has schizophrenia

Even after the death of Decl, disputes between his family and his parents continue.

Recall that immediately after the funeral, the widow of the musician Yulia said that the rapper's parents are trying to take away from her the inheritance of her husband - the song and son. Now, communication between relatives heated to the limit. Detsla's father, Alexander Tolmatsky, who saw his grandson for the first time only at a funeral, said that his sister-in-law would not let him communicate with the boy.

According to him, Julia with her son moved out of the house of the musician's mother and now lives in an unknown place, without contact. The man noted that the girl had never done anything on her own and now lives only on handouts from fans. Tolmatsky even suspects that Yulia has schizophrenia. After such revelations, the girl completely deleted her account on instagram, having stopped communicating even with the fans.