Denise Richards said she never resorted to plastic

Denise Richards confidently states that she has never used Botox, fillers and other injections.

In an interview, the 48-year-old actress said that her beauty is natural. The star can only be blamed in mammoplasty. Breast augmentation is the only thing she once decided.

However, not everyone believes Denise’s assurances and often accuses her of the manipulations with which she subjected not only the body, but also the face, especially the nose and lips.

She noted that she does not strive for perfection, but favors naturalness, and therefore is not going to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

The actress is not talking about this topic for the first time. Recently, one of the haters inquired why the actress's face twisted, and she looks older than her age, and who is the surgeon who disfigured her so. Denise responded calmly, assuring the ill-wisher that she had not resorted to cosmetic surgery.