Isa Anokhin miraculously escaped death in Bali

The star hit the epicenter of a natural cataclysm.

The former spouse of rapper Guf Isa Anokhin now permanently lives in two countries. Her second husband and two sons live in Bali, and Isa herself often flies to Moscow to run her own business. His followers Isa talks about life on the island. The other day she went through a terrible natural phenomenon in Indonesia and shared her emotions with followers.

Anokhina said that a strong thunderstorm had broken out on the island the night before. At some point, the rumble of thunder became so noisy that it looked like an explosion, and the house was lit up with flashes of lightning, and the girl saw with her own eyes how the current ran along the ceiling and walls. After Isa noticed the flames in the courtyard, she grabbed the children and tried to run away from the house. The girl was helped by her husband, who took the family to a safe place inside the house, while at that time he eliminated the fire in the yard with the help of fire extinguishers. The star believes that her family has survived one of the worst days.