Slimming with prunes


The aroma of prunes is difficult to confuse with another smell. And the taste he has nothing like. But this dried fruit is distinguished not only by its taste, thanks to which it is widely used in cooking. It can also help in losing weight.

Useful properties of prunes for weight loss

Prunes have considerable calories - 100 g of dried fruit contains 240-250 kcal. Naturally, the question arises how such a high-calorie product will help to lose weight? However, there are many arguments in defense of the dried fruit as a means for losing weight.

  1. Low glycemic index. This indicator assesses the effect of the product after its use on blood sugar levels. With a small glycemic index of prunes (GI = 29), the sugar level remains stable, and this has a positive effect on all metabolic processes and prevents the gain of excess body weight.
  2. Reducing the level of "bad" cholesterol. It should be understood that cholesterol, settling on the walls of blood vessels, narrows them. Consequently, blood is pumped through them slowly, organs and tissues do not receive all the nutrients they need, all metabolic processes in the body slow down, and the process of losing weight is inhibited.

"Bad" cholesterol is formed when foods rich in fats and salts are eaten. Prunes contain only 0.7 g of fat per 100 g of product and a negligible amount of salt, i.e. when it is consumed, no “bad” cholesterol is formed, plus the whole, the fruit contributes to its elimination from the body.

  1. Neutralization of free radicals. Free radicals have a detrimental effect on all cells of the body. They oxidize cholesterol in the blood, stimulating its adhesion to the walls of blood vessels. Prunes contain antioxidants that bind free radicals and remove them.
  2. Prevent hunger. The product is 63% composed of fiber, which in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, and it saves from overeating.
  3. Colon cleansing. High fiber content has a positive effect on intestinal perilstatics. Thanks to it the chair is normalized, locks are eliminated.
  4. Improve mood. It is no secret that the instability of mood and depression are often accompanied by many methods of losing weight. Dried fruit is considered an excellent antidepressant. It regulates the psychological state of a dieter.
  5. High nutritional value. It contains a lot of nutritional components required for weight loss.

Dried fruit is a record for the content of potassium (732 mg per 100 g), which restores the water-salt balance, normalizes pressure, produces a slight diuretic effect. In addition to potassium, prunes have vitamins A, groups B, C, E, organic acids, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, boron.

Options for using prunes in diets for weight loss

With kefir

An excellent substitute for breakfast and / or dinner is a nutritious drink of prunes with kefir, which will help to lose the pounds that have accumulated, clean the intestines and eliminate constipation. Ingredients:

  • prunes - 4-5 berries;
  • Kefir - 250 ml.

Dried fruit should be finely chopped, add it to the yogurt, and then grind it with a blender.

With cottage cheese

A mass of cottage cheese and prunes can also be a substitute for dinner and breakfast. It should be noted that this mass is both tasty and nutritious. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the body. To prepare you need to take:

  • cottage cheese - 100 g;
  • Prunes - 3-4 pieces

Dried fruit must be well chopped and grind with cottage cheese.

Nutritious mixture of prunes with cottage cheese good effect on the body

With other dried fruits

This recipe is designed to clean the intestines. With stable bowel work, weight loss is much faster. For cooking means you need to take:

  • prunes - 100 g;
  • figs - 100 g;
  • dried apricots - 100 g;
  • senna grass - 100 g;
  • honey - 100 g

All dried fruits should be ground with a blender or meat grinder, and then mixed with chopped hay (sold in pharmacies) and honey. Every night before bedtime you need to eat 1 tsp. mix and drink a glass of water. This tool can take 2.5-3 months once a year.

Nutritional mixture

Most diets aimed at weight loss, prohibit the consumption of sugary foods. Sometimes this leads to irritability, lethargy, and a depressed state, since the body does not receive simple carbohydrates. Some lose weight on this ground may fail.

To prevent such a situation, you can offer a small snack nutritional mixture. For its preparation you need to take:

  • prunes - 100 g;
  • any nuts - 50 g;
  • honey - 1 tbsp. l

Prunes and nuts must be crushed and add honey to them. If desired, you can add other dried fruits to the mix. 1 tbsp. l This dish perfectly satisfies hunger, replenishes the body with nutrients and helps to normalize the stool.

Ways to lose weight with prunes

Fasting day

These days can be held 1 time per week. There are two options for unloading days on prunes.

1 option. Hard

If you use this option, then throughout the day it is allowed to use only prunes. The regimen is as follows: every 2 hours you can eat 3-4 pieces. soaked dried fruit (it is pre-filled with cold water and kept in it for 2-3 hours).

Thanks to its ability to speed up metabolism, increase intestinal peristalsis and excrete toxins from the body, prunes are used for weight loss.

Option 2. Comfortable

Since not everyone will be able to withstand a hard unloading day, a softer version is offered, in which the unloading is transferred quite comfortably. The menu for this day offers the following.

Breakfast. Porridge in water without salt and sugar (200 g) with chopped prune berries (2-3 pieces), green tea without sugar - 200 ml.

Snack. Prunes - 3 berries.

Dinner and supper. The lunch and dinner menu is the same: a vegetable salad of carrots, beets, candied fruits and prunes - 250 g

Sample menu four-day diet with prunes

Above we described recipes that are used as an additional means for losing weight. But you can try and diet on it directly. Duration of losing weight - only 4 days. During this time, you can lose - 2-4 kg.

A sample menu of such a diet is presented in the table.

Day 1Egg boiled, grapefruit, a cup of black coffee without sugar and 1-2 pcs. prunes.Borsch (without potatoes), a slice of rye or grain bread, walnuts - 2 pcs., Prunes - 8 pcs., Tea without sugarBoiled egg, portion of fish, orange, tea
Day 2Hard cheese - 30 g, prunes - 2 pcs., CoffeeSchi, a slice of rye or grain bread, 100 g boiled beef, almonds - 2-3 pieces, teaFresh vegetable salad, prunes - 4 pcs., Tea
Day 3Slice of grain bread with low-fat ham and cheese, prunes - 3 pcs., CoffeeVegetable soup, a slice of rye bread, a tomato, a small potato boiled in uniform, prunes - 2 pcs., TeaA slice of rye bread, a glass of milk (kefir), prunes - 5 pcs., Tea.
Day 4A glass of cereal Hercules with milk, prunes - 4 pcs., CoffeeBorsch (without potatoes), a slice of rye bread, tomato, cucumber, prunes - 2 pcs., TeaSlice of rye bread with low-fat ham and cheese, 40 g of raisins, prunes - 6 pcs., Tea

If during the diet there is a feeling of hunger, then let's say one snack in the form of one apple and two prunes.

To diet had an effective effect on the body, you need to adhere to certain rules in the period of weight loss.

  1. It should completely abandon sugar. The product itself is quite sweet dried fruit.
  2. One-time portions of dishes should not exceed the volume of an ordinary glass. They are not worth increasing.
  3. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  4. During the diet, you must strictly observe the drinking regime - you need to drink at least 2 liters of pure water and / or green tea without sugar.
  5. During the period of weight loss, you can add physical activity: walking (up to 3 km), morning jogging or gymnastics, yoga.

Contraindications and harm

It should be noted that the product has a rather poor list of contraindications.

  • First of all, it can not be used if there is an individual intolerance. In this case, an allergic rash, itching, etc. may occur.
  • In case of diabetes mellitus, reception can be allowed only by the attending physician.
  • It is forbidden to eat dried fruit with kidney stones and obesity.
  • Nursing mothers should also use delicacy carefully. In one case, it can even help if the baby suffers from frequent constipation, and in the other case, the health of the infant can be harmed, since the laxative effect of the berries can provoke diarrhea in infants. Therefore, each case is individual.

Feedback on the results

Prunes - amazing dried fruit! It is enough to include it in your diet at least 3 times a week - and you will solve many problems: with excess weight, and with digestion, and with a lack of vitamins and microelements. He helped me a lot to lose weight after giving birth.



After giving birth, of course, I gained some extra pounds. But they could not lose them, since the child was breastfed and it was impossible to limit oneself in eating. I read a slimming recipe in one magazine and got interested. I really liked the fact that you can eat as usual, just do not eat fat and drink a decoction of prunes during the day. I liked it, because I didn’t eat fat anyway, and the decoction has long been known to be useful. I decided to try. I did the decoction this way - 10 berries were poured with a liter of water and brought to a boil. This broth insisted about an hour and drank throughout the day instead of tea. I immediately realized that you could lose weight like this because I had already consumed less sugar, because I had drank tea with sugar much earlier. Girls, do not believe it, in a month I lost 4 kg. So I advise everyone, a minimum of financial expenses and almost no restriction on food intake, and, moreover, prunes regulate digestion.



It seems to me that any of those slimming here on the forum will sooner or later face the problem of the chair. More precisely, its absence or difficulty. After a VERY miserable weekend, I thought of such a diet-unloading-cleaning of the intestines: 1l. kefir, 250 gr. prunes. I broke into 5 moves. Both the one and the second product have a beneficial effect on the "elimination" system. Therefore, the benefits of such a light, and completely non-starving fasting day will definitely be! Today I eat exactly these two foods. In the morning I will write about the result! PS calculated calorie content. It comes out in the region of 1200-1300 kcal, depends on kefir. An important addition !!! Weak! Highly.



The product has a beneficial effect on the body and helps to lose weight, although it has a high calorie content. But the low glycemic index, high nutritional value, high fiber content in the dried fruit contributes to weight loss. With it, they spend separate fasting days or use a four-day diet. And you can remove fatty foods from the main food and eat dishes from this dried fruit. And it also helps to get rid of extra pounds.