13-year-old actress tried to commit suicide

Polina Uvarov was upset by a quarrel with classmates.

Young actress Polina Uvarov is known to many by her role in the series "Closed School". Despite the fact that the girl was not given a lot of screen time, she coped well with her role, making the company such actors as Pavel Priluchny and Agata Mutsenietse. Polina was noticed by the directors, and in a short time she managed to play in several dozen films and TV shows.

But now the future career of the actress in question. On the eve she tried to commit suicide. As journalists managed to find out, Polina returned from school in a depressed state - the girl quarreled with her friends and even removed them from the social network. At night, Uvarova suddenly became ill, she began to feel sick, and the actress’s mother called the doctors. The girl was told by the doctors that she tried to commit suicide, which led to severe medical poisoning. Polina is all right now, she will be obliged to visit a psychologist for the next few months.