Two meters of beauty: an unusual model of Eric Irwin

The high fashion industry is sometimes represented by models of atypical appearance. Albinos, vitiligo sufferers, people with disabilities and other unusual boys and girls are increasingly appearing on the catwalks and covers of glossy magazines.

Erica Irwin - one of the highest models. Her height is more than 200 cm, but that's not all. Amazonian Eve, or Babsilla, as they call Eric, is a transgender. She used to be a man named William.

For almost her entire life, the model kept her secret a secret, fearing the reaction of the people around her, but she was able to gather her courage and told the whole world about her past. It happened 15 years ago in Sweden. This country was advised to her by a friend named Bill Skarsgard, who assured the woman that the Scandinavian countries are notable for their tolerance.

In 2011, Erica entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest model on the planet. The popularity of the woman came after the men's magazine Zoo Weekly printed her photograph on the cover next to the model of normal growth.

In addition to a modeling career, Irvine works as a fitness trainer, successfully acting in TV shows and movies. She is also engaged in production. Her track record includes films and TV shows such as Hemlow Grook, American Horror Story, Family Tools, Shch.I. Agents and others.

Now the model is 40 years old and she continues her career, traveling the world and participating in photo shoots. The main idea of ​​Erika’s work is photographs in which she is compared to people of average height.

William Irwin, who was born a man and then took on a woman's appearance, was able to become the tallest model in the world. It is in this image that popularity came to a resident of the state of California.