Breakthrough in the fashion industry: subtle Sudanese superstar

Although the world of modern fashion has become accustomed to the abundance of models with various diseases and unique features, classic models still appear on the catwalks and covers.

Alec Vek - Sudanese model, born in 1977. Like most African children, Alec grew up in a poor family, and her life was hard.

Although the girl is not susceptible to any diseases, it is rather difficult to call her beautiful even in spite of a charismatic smile.

Due to poverty and the lack of sufficient vitamins and protein in the diet, Alec looked close to anorexia, and a short haircut only emphasized this.

The already harsh life of the future model became more complicated when a civil war began in Sudan. The Century family had to flee to a small village, and Alec’s quality of life reached the bottom. Given that the girl was the ninth child in the family, food in the literal sense was not enough for everyone.

Alec's father soon died, and a fourteen-year-old girl managed to get to the UK as a refugee. But even there the problems did not end - the Century became an outcast in a local school and experienced mockery and insults until its very end.

In parallel with her studies at school, Alec enrolled at an art college, and also worked as a hairdresser, a salesperson and a cleaner. During one of the working days, a fashion agent noticed her and offered a job.

The first stage of the career turned out to be difficult - there was only enough money for food and training. The girl began to gain weight and gradually grow beautiful, in connection with which in 1997 she was invited to play for the cover of the American number Elle, which brought her age to popularity.

Fate was supportive of Alec and as a reward for all the survivors she presented her with an opportunity that the girl did not miss and became one of the most sought-after dark-skinned models of her time.