The performer of the role of CC Capwell from Santa Barbara has died.

On the 85th year of his life, the star of the Santa Barbara series Jed Allan was gone.

About the death of the actor said one of his sons, without specifying the details of the tragedy. It is known that Jed died surrounded by relatives and loved ones. Fans can only guess what happened.

Many fans and colleagues this news shocked to the depths of the soul. They were quick to express the words of condolences to the family of the actor.

On March 1, the series star celebrated his 84th birthday with his family in Southern California, and already today a message appeared about his sudden departure.

Jed Allan was the idol of millions, and he was remembered to Russian viewers by his role as CC Capwell from the Santa Barbara series, which he played for 7 years.

Allan left three sons and six grandchildren.