Feline Eye Syndrome Model: The Story of Kathin Sticks

To differ from the majority of the world's population is a heavy burden, and not everyone can take it out. Even fewer special people can boast of work in the fashion industry.

Keithin Stickles, who was born in America, is a victim of Schmid-Frakkaro syndrome, which is also called cat eye syndrome.

Catin 's disease is considered to be a congenital pathology of the human genome caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. His second name was due to the development of a vertical pupil in patients, similar to a cat's. A similar feature manifests itself in half the cases of the disease.

The syndrome that Keitin suffers is capable of causing many anomalies in the human body: splitting of the palate, inhuman eye section, curvature of the facial bone, and problems of the internal organs.

Contrary to such a terrible ailment, Stikls managed not only to live a normal life, but also to become an actress, model, and even a singer. It all started with an account in instagram, where the girl posted her photos under the pseudonym Caitin Kitten, after which her profile was noticed by popular photographer Nick Knight.

The offer to take part in the photo shoot of the famous master came immediately, and Keitin, without hesitation, agreed, because many models from all over the world dream of working with Nick Knight.

The day after the pictures were published, real popularity came to Kathin, which she hadn’t even dreamed of. “I have never had a secret desire to become a model or at least part of the fashion industry. I just admired this area from the side and in my photos I always tried to express my own beauty and feelings,” says Stills.

The unique model graced one of the covers of V Magazine, and now continues to maintain its account in instagram, but using the real name. It is signed by more than 50 thousand people.

Being the owner of a far from standard appearance, the American did not hesitate and opened up to the world, to which he repaid her in full, giving the girl a career as a model she never dreamed of.