The fundamental transformation of Conchita Wurst

Tom Neuwirth, who is better known under the pseudonym Conchita Wurst, appeared before the fans in a new way, but not everyone appreciated it.

The winner of "Eurovision-2014" posted a photo, which showed the absence of hair on his head. He appeared completely bald. But the singer decided to leave the beard. Clothes and accessories remained unchanged - a dress and high-heeled shoes.

The appearance of the shocking performer has repeatedly caused heated debates, but this time the fans were disappointed.

Tom Neuvit constantly stated that the image of a woman with a beard, he chose not by chance. The singer tried to make society more tolerant of non-standard personalities, showing that they can be as talented as ordinary performers.

Most users could not even leave a comment under the photo. Perhaps they simply lost the power of speech from what they saw.