Olga Seryabkina is an escort - media

Insiders found prices for the night with the ex-singer of "Silver."

Quite often, Web users accuse popular bloggers whose profiles are full of candid photos, in the escort. Most of these girls do not see anything wrong with this kind of earnings.

One of these days, Olga Seryabkina, the former lead singer of the "Silver" group, was suspected of such services. On one of the TV channels, a video with a journalistic investigation was released, where the price list with prices for the night with the girls "appeared". So, in front of Olga was listed the amount of 30 thousand dollars.

In addition to Seryabkina, Volochkova (15 thousand dollars), Berkova (8 thousand dollars) and other girls were included in this list. Olga has not yet commented on the gossip and the picture, which is being actively discussed now on the web.