Unsuccessful outfits of Selena Gomez: fashionable slips of a Hollywood beauty

Selena Gomez is a popular singer, whose number of subscribers in instagram reaches 145 million. Usually each of the images of the girl becomes a hit. The main secret of the young actress in simplicity - almost every subscriber can repeat her bow. At the same time, Selena's clothes are always stylish and perfectly suitable for the singer herself, but even such masters have blunders and Gomez is no exception.

Like many other stars, the girl does not always manage to appear in public in an ideal form, which the paparazzi instantly use, spreading the stars around the Internet.

Many outfits of Selena are really controversial, but frankly awful are not among them. Subscribers, accustomed to the ideal type of their idol, do not think so and notice every not very successful outfit.

The high bar set by the actress taught the fans for the better, for which Selena herself is now paying the price by reading criticism on her social networks. For example, subscribers did not rate this image at all.

Got and brilliant golden dress. For similar cravings for glittering elements in clothes, they repeatedly scolded other stars, for example, Shakira.

Several other items of Gomez’s wardrobe were not appreciated.

Selena happened to what is called the syndrome of high expectations. The young actress so often amazed her fans with her impeccable appearance, assembled from simple but elegant things, that they began to take it for granted, negatively perceiving any little thing that falls out of the usual ways. It is unlikely that the girl is much worried by such criticism, because there are much more enthusiastic reviews about her successful releases.