Putin's husband got on trial

In the new marriage of the former first lady of the country have problems.

Three years ago, the former wife of Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila, married businessman Arthur Ocheretny, taking his last name. During this time, the couple tried not to get into the public discussion center, but the other day everything changed. Arthur became a defendant in a lawsuit initiated by his former spouse Anastasia Bocharova. The interests of the woman are represented by the well-known human rights activist Ekaterina Gordon.

According to her, Anastasia was tired that Ocheretny could take their 11-year-old son Maxim when he wanted, and not warn him about the boy's return. However, the businessman refused to peacefully resolve the issue relating to the place of residence of his son and relying on his maintenance of alimony, and Bocharova was forced to go to court.

As Gordon noted, the very first court session unpleasantly surprised her - the defendant’s party allegedly actively hid behind the name of the former first lady, insisting that Maxim should stay with his father. Now Catherine has already filed an appeal on behalf of her client.