Ooh! Soot lies about familiarity with celebrities

A popular blogger said that at the recent Neymar party, Victoria Bonia showed up without an invitation.

When viewing Victoria Boni's profile on Instagram, one might get the impression that the girl is very popular in secular circles both in Russia and abroad. So, the star often appears on the red carpet of various film festivals and at closed events with celebrities. Only recently, Victoria published her picture taken at the party on the occasion of Neymar's birthday. In the caption to the post girl put a meaningful hashtag - #bestfriends.

But as it turned out, everything is not quite what it looks like in the photo. Popular Internet blogger Lena Miro said that Ooh! Soot cheating fans. So, according to her, neither Neymar himself, nor his friends invited Victoria to the party, and none of those present knew her. How the girl got into the event is not reported. However, according to rumors, the star often gets to such events through the entrance for servants, and after taking several photos, leaves the evening in the same way.