Tata Karapetyan about his former husband and father of the child Lopyryova: "The boy did not cope"

In the winter of 2018, the secret was revealed that Igor Bulatov, who left the family for the sake of a new sweetheart, became the father of a 35-year-old model and TV host Victoria Lopyreva. It is noteworthy that he left his spouse with two children, the youngest of whom was not even a year old.

The ex-wife of Igor Bulatov, Tatevik Karapetyan (abbr. Tata), who gave birth to a businessman of two children, became the center of attention after the scandal that had happened. The fact was that her then-husband was captured in the photo, being on the beach with Victoria Lopyryova in a not very friendly atmosphere, this caused public outrage. Some time later, the businessman filed for divorce and moved out of his wife, raising a new wave of subscribers' interest in the situation.

Subscribers in social networks are trying to support the girl, and also angrily speak out against her ex-husband and his new darling. In gratitude for the encouraging messages, Karapetyan herself decided to answer various questions about her personal life with her husband, his betrayal and divorce. The young businesswoman explained that she accepts the incident as it is and learned about her husband's betrayal not from himself, but from the media, and therefore was shocked.

Karapetyan answered calmly to numerous questions and to the casualty that she explained to her readers that she was not going to take revenge on anyone and make scandals and disassemblies not in her style. One of the subscribers directly asked if Tata was burning with a desire to hit Lopyreva in the face, and she answered with humor that the work of plastic surgeons was too valuable work to spoil him.

Tata almost does not speak about the traitor himself, dismissing only the phrase: "Everything is in order. Just the boy did not cope."

Such a positive attitude towards what happened was appreciated by the public, who wished the girl to endure all the hardships and meet a good person who can make her happy.

Tata herself does not look broken and pleases her subscribers in social networks with bright photos along with her children, who, according to her, are the main happiness in the life of the now unmarried girl.

Every person in his life sooner or later encounters difficulties, sometimes far from the most innocent. Tata Karapetyan, who with pride, humor and vitality is coping with them, was no exception.