Emma Stone took part in the awards ceremony from the Film Actors Guild

The winner of the Oscars and Golden Globes for her role in the musical La La Land, Emma Stone, walked along the Red Carpet during the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. Recall, the presentation of awards from the Screen Actors Guild of the United States took place in Los Angeles.

Outfit actress chose unconventional. Instead of an evening dress, Emma wore a gold Louis Vuitton blouse, trousers and sandals.

Stone was nominated for a best supporting actress for the movie “Favorite,” but this time she lacked a statuette. Yet Emma has something to be proud of. Last year she starred in the mini-series "Maniac", where she showed her undoubted talents of the actress. Soon, with the participation of her participation will continue the fun movie "Welcome to Zombilend" 2009.

"Welcome to Zombieland"

The plans of Emma also starred in the comedy "Sterwell" fashion now in Hollywood, directed by Craig Gillespie.