Former wife of Basharova put her husband on the wanted list

The personal life of actress Ekaterina Arkharova with the new spouse leaves much to be desired.

Ekaterina Arkharova has troubles in her personal life again. Recall that 4 years ago she was married to Marat Basharov, whom she divorced with a scandal after he allegedly beat her. Last year, Catherine married for the second time a businessman Artyom Ilyasov. But apparently, and in this union problems began. The other day, the actress admitted that she had lost her husband, and asked fans for help.

In "Instagram" Arkharova said that a couple of days ago Ilyasov left the cafe in Moscow and did not return. Spouse does not answer calls, does not appear with friends or acquaintances. Catherine has already told subscribers the signs of Artyom and the clothes in which he was at the time of his disappearance. She didn’t answer the questions of the followers, whether the actress had connected the police to the search.