The most expensive cat in Russia: Andrei Afonin and his Gucci

One day, the popular blogger Andrei Afonin, known under the pseudonym Afonya TV, decided to get a pet. The choice fell on a two-month-old kitten of the rarest breed, serval, costing about half a million rubles.

Representatives of this unique breed grow into huge cats weighing up to 20 kg, which are capable of jumping up to 3 meters in height and up to 5 meters in length. To match its luxurious appearance, the kitten received a sonorous name - Gucci.

In the wild, representatives of the Serval breed feed on their mother’s milk for up to 5–7 months, and already at the age of one year they grow on their own territory. The domesticated servals have been parted from their parents much earlier and are not experiencing this stress.

Gucci, like all members of his species, is a twilight animal. The peak of his activity is at 4-5 am and 10-11 pm, therefore, it is very difficult to maintain such a handsome man. By their nature, servals are more like dogs than cats, they are loyal to their master and strongly attached to him. Strangers avoid these cats.

Gucci doesn’t just look like a wild predator - he is. In the wild, such cats feed on mice, hares, birds and reptiles, as well as fish. Pets also eat meat of good quality, so to feed such a cat is not much cheaper than to buy. Serval on the outside are constantly in motion, but living in a confined space does not adversely affect their health, if you walk pets at least once a day.

Serval gladly bring the ball to the owner and walk on a leash. However, from childhood these cats need to be taught to play with toys, but not with the owner. These animals need a clear distinction between the nursing hand and the toy, otherwise, when the serval grows up, it can inflict serious injuries to the owner without malicious intent.

Thanks to her curiosity, Gucci leads an active lifestyle, but, like all cats, she likes to take a good nap. Contrary to having his own room in the apartment of the owner, he often chooses the most diverse corners of the house for sleeping.

Because of the tremendously high cost, cats of this breed are available only to a few. But everyone who likes Gucci will be able to find a video about his life on the Afoni Youtube channel, as well as a photo in his personal instagram.