Who is KVN star Alexander Gudkov called Gnida and why was there nothing for him?

Alexander Gudkov has long dreamed of a family, but his work is overwhelmed by a humorist with a head. In order not to feel lonely, the comedian got himself a cat.

Only such a witty person like Alexander Gudkov could call his four-legged pet Gnidusya Aleksandrovna Gudkova, at home - Gnida.

The showman explains his rather strange choice of the cat's name by the difficult character and unfamiliarity of the pet. Favorite is very capricious and takes affection from the owner only when she wants it. Alexander also jokingly calls his fluffy girlfriend "Her carnage", "Morning carnit" and other very nontrivial nicknames.

The humorist loves animals very much, and in one of the interviews he told that he wants to conduct a television show with his future wife, which would be devoted to various representatives of the fauna.

Alexander's relationship with Nits is not the easiest, but the humorist admits that he loves the cat very much despite her antics. Favorite dirty trick of the red-haired devil is the earlier awakening of his master, and the artist cannot get used to this and calls this trick "rotten awakening." In addition to such surprises to the owner, the cat Gudkov loves to play with various light bulbs, which is also not always safe.

Separate account in the social network Instagram, unfortunately, does not have, but often becomes a guest in the profile of its owner. To make it easier for fans of cats to find the right photos, Gudkov came up with the hashtag #ignida, which allows you to find a variety of pictures of his wayward pet.

Sometimes the pet allows you to take yourself out and see the sights, and after returning home always counts on a delicacy.

This appearance can be so deceptive - even a pretty red-haired beauty with emerald eyes is capable of delivering a lot of trouble to her master. But despite the difficulties, Alexander simply does not mind the soul.