How to wear coral - the most fashionable color 2019

The Pantone Color Institute named this year’s most fashionable coral color (Living coral, or live coral). It is complex, combines shades of orange and pink, self-sufficient, but not provocative, and is suitable for both brunettes and blondes.


Coral color attracts attention to itself, and at the same time can be gentle. Live coral looks great on the light fabric of the dress, which gently emphasizes the feminine curves. The stars of the fashion world Jidzhdi Hadid and Kendall Jenner could not resist and walked new dresses, being under the gun of all the cameras of this evening.

Total bow

Live coral is the perfect color to dress from head to toe and not look too bright and challenging. Coral looks good on light fabrics, emphasizing their softness, but you can play on contrasts and put on a clear structured suit of this shade. The combination of classic and trendy colors in this season is a win-win version of fashionistas in the past few years.

Base colors

Since the coral is quite bright and without that attracting attention to itself, it is not surprising that it is better to join the company to choose neutral shades. White, beige, gray, dark blue, brown and even black are a great pair to reduce the color of the image.

Shades of the ocean

Just look at the Great Barrier Reef to find a pair for the Living coral:

  • all shades of blue
  • aquamarine,
  • turquoise,
  • soft blue
  • dark green
  • mint,
  • pistachio,
  • bright yellow, like the color of a tropical fish.

Related colors

Since coral combines orange and pink in one way or another, respectively, all the shades of this spectrum will live perfectly in one image. You can choose the details for a couple of shades darker or lighter, and you can go into the gap by adding bright orange, fuchsia, red and even burgundy.


Want to wear coral, but a little confusing so much attention? Try adding live coral interspersing, for example, in prints: geometry, flowers, stripes - an incomplete list of where the coral will look interesting and not over-attention.

With jeans

Jeans for the modern woman - like a little black dress, just for everyday life. They are suitable for any image and for almost any occasion. If you want to slow down the degree of elegance of a flying coral blouse, then jeans are a great companion.


Do not want to risk with a new color for you? Add it in the form of accessories! Bags, shoes, bracelets, necklaces and scarves - living coral is able to refresh any summer look without serious expenses. And how it looks on tanned skin!

Coral color has a warm undertone, and therefore is great for most women. Live coral in the make-up of the face will make it fresher and younger, will emphasize the blush and distract from the shortcomings. Coral never really went out of style, so you will enjoy the new season for more than one season.