According to rumors, the marriage of Sobchak and Vitorgan on the verge of collapse

According to some reports, Ksenia twisted romance with director Konstantin Bogomolov and is preparing to get away from her husband.

All last week the Russian segment of show business has been aroused by rumors about the breakup of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. Insiders believe that there is a crisis in the marriage of stars, which Xenia, who prefers to hide her personal life from outsiders, cannot conceal. Rumors that Sobchak had an affair with theater director Konstantin Bogomolov were leaked to several media outlets at once. After parting with his wife, actress Daria Moroz, Konstantin is now an enviable bridegroom, and novels are attributed to him every now and then — a couple of weeks ago, web users seriously thought that he had a romantic relationship with Svetlana Bondarchuk.

And the other day a statement was made by the socialite Bozena Rynska. According to her, several of her friends at once told about the separation of Vitorgan and Sobchak. According to some reports, even the New Year couple is going to spend separately. In addition, Bozena stressed that the novel of Xenia and Bogomolov began this summer.

Sobchak herself asked gossipers not to interfere in her life, without becoming a comment on the topic of divorce. But attentive fans in the fresh photo of Vitorgan did not find a wedding ring on his finger, which he had not previously shot.