Elena Biryukova moved to a luxurious mansion

The actress and her husband will celebrate the new year's housewarming.

Literally the other day, in an interview with Elena Biryukova, she complained about the fatigue caused by the move, but she refused to answer journalists' questions in more detail. But now Biryukova can already boast of a new place of residence - together with her civil husband, Ilya Khoroshilov, they acquired a mansion in the Moscow region. The house, located in New Moscow, 200 square meters. m and 2 floors, and also made all the trim. According to Elena, she immediately wanted to move into the house with ready repairs, so as not to waste time and money on it.

The actress did not tell about the value of the mansion, only noticed that she had exchanged her Moscow apartment for a house with a small surcharge.