18 most successful female hairstyles with closed ears


Hairstyles with closed ears prefer girls who want to hide from prying eyes minor imperfections of appearance, for example, some lop-eared, or other nuances. There are many haircuts for different hair types, in which the problem area will be covered.

Hairstyle with closed ears for short hair

It should be borne in mind that such haircuts quickly lose their shape as the strands grow. It is necessary to constantly maintain the desired length and after each wash, if necessary, to make laying.


The most popular and versatile haircut for short hair for every day. Kare has different variations:

  • classic
  • elongated;
  • on the leg;
  • With a bang;
  • without bangs;
  • cascade;
  • asymmetrical
  • graduated.
Haircut car became popular in the 1920sCare suitable for any type of hair, if you choose the right shape


Bob is perfect for owners of thick, straight hair. Haircut can be done on curly, but it will have to constantly produce styling. Strands trimmed under the bean beautifully frame the face and open the neck due to the large length of the front and shortened back line.

This option is suitable for both young and mature ladies.


Cesson is usually preferred by girls and women who have no time for laying. This haircut can be up to the ear lobe, up to the shoulder. It differs from other options in that sesson does not require special care.

This hairstyle gives expressiveness to the facial features.


This version of the haircut is suitable for lovers of retro images. He is always chosen by bold, self-confident individuals. Haircut page is practical and easy to care, but not suitable for all types of people.

Smooth bangs refers to the traditional model hair


Haircut cascade can be made on the basis of any short hairstyle. The advantage of this option is the possibility of selecting the length of the strands for a specific shape of the face.

With short hair cascade looks bright and spectacular. Owners of curly hair can not spend a lot of time styling their hair, as easy natural negligence is only good.

Haircut is not recommended for hard and thick hair.

Medium length

Fashionable hair, covering the ears, are very diverse. You can choose the option in which the ears will not be visible.

Loose hair

The most common and simple hairstyle for medium length. After washing, the hair is dried and left on the shoulders. You can stretch the strands with a curling iron, wind them up with the help of curlers and other devices to create waves and curls, and also leave them in their natural state.

With this hairstyle, ears will be securely covered

Hairstyles with a smooth cut

Currently, this technique is very popular. It is well suited to owners of thick hair that will keep shape.

Evenly cropped hair looks neat, stern and stylish.


Cascade on medium hair has even more advantages. Hairstyles are voluminous, effective and as natural as possible.

If the face is narrow, then it is better to leave a thick bang


The front line of hair directly near the face is made in the form of soft steps. They can start at any level - from the temple to the chin. Ladder on average hair is relevant for many seasons.

This option is equally suitable for owners of straight and curly strands.

Long caret

The shape of the haircut is the same as that of the classic four. The main difference is the length that reaches the shoulders.

There are also asymmetrical and graded haircuts.

Ripped hairstyle with closed ears

Torn haircuts are chosen by extravagant and bold girls who want to emphasize their individuality. It should be remembered that such a hairstyle requires daily styling using special tools.

For wavy and thin hair this option is not suitable.


This haircut is distinguished by short strands at the crown and long at the back of the head. As a result, a visual volume is created. This haircut allows not only to cover the ears, but also to stretch the face.

Hair style is perfect for owners of round face shapes.

For long

Long and beautiful hair is the calling card of any woman. Properly selected hairstyles will help not only to give them even greater attractiveness, but also to hide the problem with the ears.


Long hair is a matter of pride. Wearing them constantly in this condition is problematic, but sometimes you can allow yourself such pleasure.

For this option, you must constantly monitor the health of the hair.

With braids

There are a large number of hairstyles with braids, which are specifically designed to cover the ear area.

The combination and interlacing of several braids will allow you to create an original image


Curls, laid in Babette, are collected in a roller behind and partially at the crown. There are options for hairstyles with both open and closed ears.

Cover the problem area can be, if you apply the option in which the front strands fall around the face


The principle of hair styling for owners of protruding ears is the same - the front strands cover the problem area and are included in the total weight of the hair forming the beam.

The bundle may be careless, smooth, low or high.


Only women with long hair can afford such an option, since for short ones it will not work out as it should.

To hide the ears, you should place the shell on the bottom of the head, closer to the back of the head, cover the problem area with the front strands


Girls with Greek hairstyles look especially feminine. To create an image, you must prepare the bezel in advance. It should have a length that matches the specific hair and overall appearance.

Greek hairstyle often do for a wedding

There are many hairstyles for hair of any length, which will help to cover bulging ears. The variety of options will allow you to choose the most appropriate style for each woman.