Victoria Beckham brought a tattoo dedicated to her husband

Insiders say that the crack in the Beckham marriage is growing every day.

Family idyll, reigning in the marriage of Victoria and David Beckham, many consider to be motivated. Moreover, all the year round there are rumors about the imminent rupture of the pair. The other day, Victoria added food for such gossip. She appeared on one of the events in a dress with a bare back. Attentive fans immediately noticed that there was no tattoo on the star’s back, which she had done in the past and dedicated it to her husband. Along the spine of the girl was an inscription in Hebrew, which translated as "I belong to a beloved man, and he - to me."

Considering that earlier the celebrity had brought two more tattoos from her wrists dedicated to her husband - the date of the wedding and the phrase in Latin - it brings thoughts to serious problems in the pair. True, some fans believe that in this way Victoria simply gets rid of unnecessary drawings on the body.