Shura put on the street from a single apartment

The singer Shura was in the center of a scandal - the performer was deprived of a single apartment in Moscow and in fact put on the street.

As it turned out, at the end of the summer, the star was evicted from the dwelling where it had lived for the past 15 years. The singer argues that “black realtors” claims that in 2003 his apartment was sold twice, but the developer convinced the musician that the previous owners wrote a deed of gift to him. However, on the threshold of the house Shura in August, third owners appeared already and declared their rights to real estate.

As a result, the celebrity had two months to rent their own apartment for 60 thousand rubles a month, but at the beginning of December the rental period ends, and the singer will have to collect things. Justice Shura intends to achieve through the courts.