Zhanna Aguzarova has not been seen for a year.

Neighbors of the singer are sounding the alarm.

The state of 56-year-old Zhanna Aguzarova is worrying star fans. For many years, she almost does not appear at social events. But now the neighbors of the singer on the porch stopped to see Jeanne on the street. The star has become a recluse and has not left the apartment for more than a year. An unknown middle-aged man brings food and garbage to her.

Not so long ago, the singer's neighbors asked the district police officer to visit a star, but no one opened the door to the policeman. As the journalists found out, Zhanna later contacted the police herself and said that she was not in Moscow now.

And not so long ago, Aguzarova flooded several apartments, while the celebrity did not respond to the calls of her neighbors. Only after that unknown man arrived at the apartment did the water stop pouring from the ceiling into the apartment of the singer's neighbors.