10 worst outfits of Vera Brezhnev

Sometimes star personalities also make mistakes with fashionable images. The worst outfits of Vera Brezhnev show that even women with an innate sense of taste and style can not get to the point.

Recently, Vera appeared in public in an outfit, to put it mildly, unusual. Yes, it is original, but this image obviously does not look on a woman.

Perhaps Brezhnev is returning from a holiday from hot countries, but she is clearly not in the style of a Bohemian girl in Thailand.

And this image was criticized in all social networks. He didn’t like the fans and was considered a failure without any complaints.

This outfit with a skirt, which is kept on the lacing, was also not accepted by the fans of the star with joy.

For such a dress, Vera is hard to see. Where is her beautiful figure and sophistication?

And in this outfit there is a zest, but not the one that paints the girl.

And the image of Vera-Harlequin was not supported by many, letting it into the collection of failures.

Has faith started practicing ballroom dancing? If not, then this outfit is definitely out of place at a social event.

The style of street girl who put on the first thing she found in the closet? Vera knows how to be an elegant woman, but not this time.

However, not this one.

Faith very often pleases friends, acquaintances and fans with outfits that make her a real goddess. It is a pity that fashion failures still happen with this girl.