Skirt sweatshirt - new world trend

Love gentle female images, but is it difficult for you to part with a sweet heart sweatshirt? Pick up a skirt under it and feel free to go about your business, because this combination has become one of the main trends of this season.

Gone are the days when things of different styles in one image were considered bad form. The main rule of the new season is to be able to combine them. So, many of the sweatshirts and hoodies that are beloved by many can become a fashionable addition to a gentle and even business woman's image.

A pencil skirt with a pastel-colored sweatshirt and elegant boots will look advantageous in a business style. For a stylish sporting combination, wear them with sneakers, and when you pick up things in bright colors, you will get a fashionable and interesting bow.

In combination with a long skirt, soft feminine images are obtained that are perfect for meeting with relatives and for shopping.

Fans of bold decisions will be able to find themselves in the image of a sweatshirt, mini skirt with sneakers or coarse shoes.

Unleash your fantasies, realize the most courageous and creative ideas. Emphasize your individuality in a bright way, because this season fashion is on your side.