What does Ksenia Sobchak without makeup look like?

Public people try to always come out during the parade. Men dress in stylish business suits. Women put on gorgeous dresses and suggest marafet. But it is no less interesting to peep at the stars without make-up and fashionable clothes. Photo Sobchak without makeup reveal it from a completely different side.

Honestly, Xenia is even difficult to recognize without makeup, bright lipstick and mascara on her eyelashes.

Of course, most often Xenia, like a true lady, comes out with makeup. But the apparats sometimes take Sobchak by surprise and by all means try to publish photos without makeup on the face.

Although the lady herself is not shy to post photos to social networks without a professional make-up.

Still, there are suspicions that it was not without Photoshop.

Well, it's not always worth hiding yourself behind a mask of powder, blush and foundation. Sometimes it is worthwhile for people to see another facet that can reveal a person from a completely different side. And Ksenia periodically takes such photographs in order to demonstrate herself, perhaps natural and real.