Naomi Watts called in "Game of Thrones"

The actress received one of the main roles in the prequel of the famous series.

Next year, the final season of the acclaimed TV series "Game of Thrones" will be released. But neither the directors, nor the creator of the literary version George Martin, nor the fans are ready to part with the world of the Seven Kingdoms. Now the HBO channel, which is responsible for the show, is developing prequels and sequels of the telesag.

Already developed the plot of one of the background to the series. The action will unfold there 10 thousand years before the events described, and, of course, not one of the familiar characters in the new series will be gone. But the first actress, approved for the role in the prequel, was Naomi Watts. The good news was shared with the fans by George Martin himself. It is not reported yet who exactly will play the 50-year-old actress, but the creators of the series promise that her heroine will be treacherous and mysterious.