Keira Knightley forbids her daughter to watch cartoons about princesses

The actress shared some rather unusual methods of raising children.

Kira Knightley's new interview with People magazine was a matter of discussion. The actress is an ardent supporter of the feminist movement, advocates for the same rights and opposes the infringement of women. It turned out that she was raising her 3-year-old daughter in the same spirit. In the house of the actress banned some cartoons about Disney princesses. So, most of all do not like Kira Little Mermaid and Cinderella. In her opinion, both of them are too dependent on men and sacrifice everything for them.

At the same time, Knightley permits her daughter to watch the animation about other princesses - this is how the actress approves of the animated films “Moana”, “In Search of Dory” and “Cold Heart”.