Secrets of Marlene Dietrich style: how to dress simply and beautifully


Marlene Dietrich is one of the most famous actresses of the last century and a real style icon that inspires famous designers and millions of women around the world even today. She did not follow fashion - she created it herself, and did it with ease, ease, despite all the existing rules. What are the secrets of Marlene Dietrich style and can modern girls inherit it?

Secrets of Marlene Dietrich style: photo images

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Slender ephemeral blonde won the hearts of her elegance and sophistication.

Her image in a tailcoat and top hat made a real revolution in the fashion world.

Marlene was the first to wear a men's suit and proved that a woman in such a manner can be sophisticated and sexy.

The actress considered the pantsuits as the height of elegance and made them the basis of her wardrobe.

Sometimes it was just straight or slightly widened pants at the top.

Original outfits like a sailor uniform with a tunic and cap.

Men's suits were complemented by different accessories: hats, gloves, ties.

Another Marlene addiction is fur, starting with boasters, casually draped over shoulders, and ending with fur capes.

She also loved the weightless costumes and dresses that emphasized the slim figure and lightness of the image.

Her favorite designers were the legendary Coco Chanel and Christian Dior.

The icon of the style was preferred by calm gray, dark and pastel colors, as it was considered that they were appropriate at any time.

One of the rules of the actress is expensive fabrics, high-quality cut and one good outfit instead of several cheap ones.

She diluted the strict styles and complemented with various accessories, jewelery and bijouterie.

But she could also shock the public with transparent dresses with sequins, which seemed to be sewn directly onto the body.

And very rarely appeared without gloves and a hat - Marlene considered the hats to be the woman’s best friends.

How to dress in the style of Marlene Dietrich

Men's, or so-called masculine costumes are the highlight of the beautiful Marlene. With the right selection of accessories they can be worn for any occasion.

Casual version with flared pants and a short fitted jacket.

Another everyday option is masculine pants with white golf.

With narrowed pants for special occasions.

Option for the bold girl-image in the style of dandy.

Masculine suit goes well with high-heeled shoes.

Light blouses with flounces of white or pastel shades a la Marlene Dietrich can be worn with any clothing.

Reserved slim dresses give a woman sexuality and charm.

A light dress with sequins and a small hat will make the girl the queen of the party.

Light furs are a must-have in modern Marlene’s wardrobe.

Instead of a boa you can buy an elegant collar-collar.

Or extravagant fluffy boa.

High gloves, which the star loved, perfectly complement the feminine image.

It is better to acquire several pairs of different fabrics at once.

Hair styling in the style of Marlene Dietrich is called "Chicago" and is suitable for both long and short hair.

Never chase fashion, experiment and look for your own image, as the great and beautiful Marlene Dietrich bequeathed.