Anna Faris brought herself to exhaustion?

According to rumors, the actress suffers from an eating disorder caused by stress after a divorce from her husband, Chris Pratt.

New shots of the 41-year-old actress Anna Faris in her social network scared the fans in earnest. In the pictures, Faris is wearing short beige shorts and a black turtleneck. The girl looks not just slim, and emaciated thin. Instead of evaluating the figure, the followers began to advise the actress to immediately contact a specialist. A few minutes later, Anna deleted the photo, which caused so many comments.

Rumors that Faris is very hard going through a divorce from actor Chris Pratt go long ago. They also talked about the fact that the actress was hardly eating because of nerves. It is known that Anna, to the last, tried to maintain relations with her husband for the sake of a common son. Pratt himself is now happy in new relationships.