Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry brought the relationship to a new level

Lovers first appeared on the red carpet as a couple.

About the novel by Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom rumors have been going since 2016. Then the couple hurried to share with the journalists the details of a happy life together, and such frankness did not go to their advantage. Already in 2017, the lovers parted.

However, at the beginning of this year, information appeared about the resumption of their relationship. Since then, young people do not give a reason for discussion and do not talk about themselves. At some events they appeared together, but did not talk about their romance - they were friendly and cold with each other.

But the other day at an environmental gala evening in Monte Carlo, the singer and actor first appeared on the red carpet as a couple. Perry posed in the pictures, confidently holding the hand of his companion. In the media immediately appeared information that the relationship of the couple reached a new level.